Sunday, September 11, 2016

Viking 415 Freesia

Meet my newest wonderful play pretty, this Viking 415 Freesia.  I worked extra days this summer while one of my co-workers was on maternity leave and my boss gifted me with this new/old machine, which is perfect for me. 

When I'm doing repairs I often feel most comfortable with this size platform.  I'd been putting off a service on my Quilt Designer II because the repairs/alterations keep coming, but now the QD can go to the shop.  This machine has a little screen that tells stitch length and width, recommended tension, and which foot to use.  Everything is right in front of you.  I've done many lessons on this or similar machines, so it was just sit down and go.  It has the fix and stop features, as well as mirror image.

I love my sewing machine feet, and almost all the feet in my collection can be used with this machine.  I even have a walking foot for it.  

I have to admit that it's been weeks since I actually started a new quilt, but maybe this evening will be the time.  With extra work time, grand kid days, yard work, and a couple of short trips, my sewing time has been limited to finishing projects or doing some alterations.  Not to mention it's hot in my sewing area.

If not tonight, then soon . . . .  

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Joanne S said...

While I am very happy you have a "new" machine--I find I am far happier to know you work for someone this kind, thoughtful and NICE. Makes all the difference in the world.