Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lunch at The Gruff

The grands always enjoy lunch at The Gruff in Covington, and I love that they love it.  There are those billy goats on the wall and the floor is grass green.  Part of the experience is pouring water from the glass bottles on the tables.  There is the glimpse of the Reds stadium across the river and the bridge to walk across if there's time that day.

Nora always orders the soup of the day.  She was a bit taken back this time when she learned that it was sausage chicken noodle.  At first she said she was going to skip it, but then tried it after all.  It got a good review.

I've learned to order Nora's soup and an order of fries right away.  That way the kids are content to wait for the wood-fired cheese pizza.  One or the other will usually mention that the food is worth waiting for because it's fresh.

We had a short zoo trip, just long enough to ride the train and visit a few animals.  A longer zoo day is in the future.

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