Tuesday, August 4, 2015


The weather was so perfect during my Asheville trip, reasonably cool with low humidity.  Perfect for sitting out side at Cedric's Tavern at Biltmore, listening to live music playing nearby.  They comped our salads because the wait was long, but really, it was lovely to have an excuse to just sit and enjoy.

We hoped that the long, long row of sunflowers would still be in bloom, and they were, with new ones coming up.  Next year I want to try again with sunflowers in the back yard, this year's just didn't do well.

Biltmore ice cream.

This isn't at Biltmore, and isn't even the same day, but it was near by on the French Broad River.  Tubing has become super popular, with a few paddle boats, kayaks, and canoes in the mix.  A nice green way runs beside the river.  Another reason to love Asheville. 

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