Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Catch Up. ..

Last night I got to tag along with the family for the kids' open house at school.  How fun to meet the teachers the kids will have this year.  This will be Nora's last year at the elementary school.

And last week I dog sat for Maggie while her family went to the beach.  She is a really sweet dog with a nice smile.  We walked and walked all over the neighborhood.  She had a pretty good time with me, but her reunion with her family was joyous.

When I went to pick up Maggie, I stopped at a yard sale in the neighborhood and scored this dress.  It needed just a little altering.  I think that dresses are so hard to find so I was happy to find this one,

So, this week . . . the kids will be off to school, the dog is home, and I am off to work today.  I plan to catch up on yard work and sewing tomorrow.  Surely some quilting.  

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Anonymous said...

You look so cute in that dress!