Saturday, August 3, 2013

Twisted Sister and Other Miscellaneous

Aaron waiting for his box lunch at Twisted Sister in Bellevue.  He declared his sandwich made with a soft pretzel to be the best sandwich ever.

We took the sandwiches to the park in Bellevue, which is nice because there is no floodwall and it feels like we're right on the Ohio river.  Which we are.

Then we stopped in at the Newport Aquarium.  I hoped to see my friend Michelle taking pictures, but I guess she wasn't there that day.

Steph was off on Friday and we took the kids to COSI in Columbus.  Absolutely fabulous, and they have a reciprocal pass agreement with the Cincinnati Museum Centers.

On the way home we stopped at school to check out the class lists for the coming year.  Kindergarden isn't posted yet, but Aaron didn't seem at all concerned about that.  Nora was pleased about her new teacher.

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