Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Only Child

I love going places with the grands and hanging out at home with them, but sometimes I really enjoy being with an "only child."  Just one kid to talk with, enjoy the day with, no sibling distraction.

This week Aaron is at Kingergarten Camp in the mornings, from 9 - 11:00, with a dozen other children.  It was the perfect time to take Nora to IHOP for breakfast, although she ordered Kraft macaroni and cheese.

Nora is lovely to chat with, girly but not overly so, laid back when there's no brother aggravation.  She's relatively quiet by herself, totally happy.  I'm guessing she's an INFP, but pretty much toward the center on all of them.

I love to tell her that if all the grandgirls were lined up in a row and I could pick any I wanted, I'd always pick her.

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Jenni Pugh said...

Nora is so sweet! I'm happy I got to meet her, Connie.