Friday, August 23, 2013

End of Summer

Yesterday was the last day of summer babysitting for the grands, and while we didn't actually go to the zoo, I love these pictures from last week.

Yesterday we went to the "downtown park" under the Big Mac Bridge.  I love this area, and yesterday it was practically deserted since Cincinnati Public was already back in school.  Most of the time was spent playing in the sand at the sand volleyball court, getting water from the fountains, and playing on the twirling tire swing, which had no line.

At the end of the day we met Steph at the kids' school and met the teachers for the coming year.  Aaron was excited that he already knew where his classroom was, thanks to the Kinder Camp last week.  Nora was excited that her third grade is on the second floor, a whole new level of education.

I enjoy the summer experiences with the kids and try to plan outings they'll enjoy.  I'll miss our comings and goings, but I can see more sewing/quilting projects in my immediate future.


tina said...

You are the Best Gran B ever,thanks for ALL that You do!!
Love, Aunt Tina

Anonymous said...

My children had the best summer ever and we can never thank you enough!!!!!
-steph and mike

Jenni Pugh said...

What a great end to a wonderful summer!
I love your pun on a whole new level of education!