Friday, August 9, 2013

Pockets and Frixion Pen

A couple of the neighborhood college students stopped in last week to ask whether I could sew pockets on their tee shirts.  They'd been exploring Pinterest and loved the idea, plus another one for picture frames that they were working on that afternoon.

I don't do much garment sewing, but I've sewn on lots of pockets in my past life and it was easy to remember how to do it.  I used a size 10 ball point needle and there was no puckering on the tees.  Sometimes I wonder whether the sewing dilemas I used to have were from inexperience or from not having the lovely tools I have now.  I'm guessing it's a combination.

My friend Carrye gifted me the Frixion pen.  It's a great for marking because the point is so fine, and just a bit of heat from the iron erases it.  Carrye says that putting the marked piece in the freezer will bring the marks back, should you need them again.  I've seen the pens in quilt shops as well as in office supply stores.  Of course I'm going to look for one in yellow for darker fabrics.

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