Thursday, August 29, 2013

Labor Day Transition

Newport on the Levee today is getting ready for the big fireworks show on Sunday night.  If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you'll see signs on the bridge.  There are a few tarps "reserving" spaces on the bank, but I'm not at all sure that they will stay in place this early.  If you could look off to the left, you'd see various food tents already set up.  In three days, the banks on both sides of the river will be packed.

Which means - summer is just about over, way too soon.  When I lived in Michigan, Labor Day truly was the end of summer, there could be frost at any time.  I'm glad that isn't true here, but, still, there's a feeling of change never the less.  School started for the grands this week, and just about all the schools are in session now. 

I've been using this week to transition between twice-a-week babysitting to not at all.  Last night I did take both kids to Dairy Queen, supposedly after Aaron's soccer practice, but it poured on our way to practice and the field was too wet for soccer.  Earlier ice cream for us.  I've been missing those kids this week but am happy to clean my house and work on Holly's quilt.

And, next week, September.  September camping is coming soon. 


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