Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Triangle Baby Quilt

To my baby quilt friends:  don't give up on me.  I finally have a quilt finished and the next one is in my head.  My original plan was so do this same quilt again in pink, but I'm ready to move on.  Before that happens, though, I need to finish, by Friday, a worship banner that's laying out on my floor.

Which means, it's too big for my design wall.  I love my Cape Cod upstairs, with the sloping ceilings, but it is limiting in terms of space for a big design wall.  The high areas are split with windows on one wall and doors on the other.  I need to do a little thinking about this.

I've told grandkids, when we're out and about and make a wrong turn or something isn't just where I thought it would be, "There's always another way."  These days, if I say, for example, oh, I should have turned there, the voices in the back seat remind me that there is always another way.

I need to think about that with my design wall. 

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