Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baby Things

I've been still moving along slowly, sewing wise.  Yesterday I did finish a bag of sewing for a customer, and I did work on some past due baby things.  For bibs, I love Anita Goodesign's Baby's Sleeping, although I've always struggled a little with the ties, never really liking the ribbons.  Then I saw some pretty shoe laces at Target, 45" long, made by Kiwi.  Perfect for bibs.  One lace, cut in half, is just right for one bib.

Today I got a good start on a baby quilt.  It's mostly white, and will have assymetrical piecing.  My plan is to quickly make a second with the same pattern but with pink accent colors.  I'm loving my clear 1/4" piecing foot with the guide - once again, why did I wait so long?  Don't be me - if you're wondering about getting one, get it now. 

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