Tuesday, July 16, 2013


A month ago, when we met Janie and Steve and their kids at Kings Island, Nora was about half an inch shy of being in the orange zone, which would mean that she could ride anything in the park.  Her mom told her that night that she would be there by the end of the year.

Yesterday, I had the kids fitted with wristbands, which mean that there is no measuring at individual rides, and she was in the orange area, not even close, probably a good inch or inch-and-a-half over the line.  With regular shoes, nothing with extra height.  Magic!

Prior to the Kings Island adventure, I had my dreaded eye  doctor approintment, complete with a visual field.  I, and everyone else, probably, hate the visual field, with little flashing lights and a button to push when one appears.  All was well, and my next appointment is for a pressure check only, four months away.  Four months away is right before Thanksgiving, how can that be?

The night before I had a variation of THAT dream, the one that surfaces again and again.  I am in college, always, although not a younger version of myself.  This time, I turned in my Psychology exam, feeling pretty good about it.  Then I realized that the other students were also turning in papers about a book we (well, they!) had read.  And on the professor's desk were three-inch blue binders, which the other students were turning in.  I had no binder, didn't even know we were supposed to turn one in.

I walked down the street, thinking maybe I could still get these finished, when I realized that I had three other classes and didn't know when the exams were and hadn't studied for them.  Maybe one was right that minute!  And one was in a math class that I hadn't attended in weeks!

Every few months, it seems, I have a variation of that dream.  It can't really be about college, because I was a pretty good student and ALWAYS knew when my exams were.  I was good about going to class.  No, it has to be a current life theme in a college setting.

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