Sunday, July 28, 2013

Monogram Wizzard

Until this summer, I'd pretty much ignored the Monogram Wizzard module on my Viking software, but now I'm having such a good time with it.  I've monogrammed a bunch of towels for graduation gifts, for keeping track of them in residence halls.  And a few birthday gifts too.  This is really fun - if you have that software, or something similar, give it a try.

I've found that, for towels, cut-away stabilizer is the way to go.  Even though it shows on the back, it supports the stiches so well through many washings and keeps them looking good.  That, and a topping to keep the stitches from burying into the towel during embroidery - I like Clean 'n Melt, which pretty much just tears off after embroidering.

Thanks to Joanne and Sarah for helping me identify my white bush, which turned out to be a hydrangea.  According to the sign at the zoo, it's probably Little Lamb Panicle Hygrandea.  I'm going to pay more attention to the plant signage at the zoo from now on, who knows what I might learn.

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