Friday, July 12, 2013


Forget about the various Play Dough toys - the big Play Dough favorite at my house is playing Chopped.  Deciding what to cook, how to present, the hustling to get it all finished on time.  It's great fun every time.  Of course, Team Lockhart always wins!

Yesterday, because she was in a race up Grandfather Mountain last night, there was a discussion about Aunt Sarah.  The kid concensus was that Aunt Sarah can do anything:  make milkshakes and smoothies, fix bikes, and run up mountains. 



Joanne S said...

What fun!
Play dough is a wonderful "food" source.

I miss having my son home from college for the summer (years ago as he is going to be 42). G, he and I would play rummy at the kitchen table. He never cared how many hands we played. Mellow.

Jenni Pugh said...

What a fun idea! You are such an amazing grandmother!