Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Smaller Runner

I wanted a slightly smaller table runner for the class I'll be teaching to give students a different choice and to give them a better chance of finishing.  Still the same pattern.  Husqvarna Viking.  The first runner required making four checkerboards, this one only two.

I enjoyed reading today's Washington Post article about the Statue of Liberty going dark last night.  The National Park Service says that the outage was because of replacement of faulty lighting equipment, but the internet offered other explanations:

*protest of the President generally and, more specifically, his new travel ban,
*So the Statue could get a "Nevertheless, she persisted" tattoo,
*Participation in "A Day Without a Woman,"
*Russian hackers.

I hope that however you fall on the political spectrum, you can enjoy with me a bit of lightheartedness today.


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