Sunday, February 26, 2017

Balls on Logs

I had made this little log cabin some time ago but decided to applique on some circles and make it a baby quilt.  Turns out that I like it very much.

I went to see both grands play basketball Saturday since their games were both close to home and both in the afternoon.  This is Aaron waiting after Nora's game.  He always takes a basketball with him, hoping to get in some shooting at half time.

Like some of my friends, I'm trying to look through things at my house with a critical eye.  Do I really need, or even like, this and that?  When I moved here ten years ago, I was pleased with how I'd gone through things before the move.  Of course, there have been times since then when I've thought, "I can't believe that I paid to move that."  

But it's the little stuff that tends to collect at my house.  In drawers.  On closet shelves.  In the basement.  And it's the art supplies.  I like art supplies, and quilt supplies.  They are hard to resist.

One of my friends says that she doesn't want her things to end up on the 25 cent table at a yard sale.  A good philosophy for using up the good stuff. 

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