Sunday, March 26, 2017

Just Hanging

A week ago my daughter gave me two fat quarters of Peeps fabrics to make a wall hanging with instructions about what she wanted.  Tabs on top.  "Just hanging with my peeps" on the upper border.  And a week later here it is.  That's what I love about quilting.  Something appears where there were  just flat pieces before.

Yesterday I pulled up in front of my house and a car behind me stopped beside me.  I figured that someone needed directions, but the woman instead said, "I love your sign.  Have a nice day."  She was referring to my "No matter where you're from we're glad you're our neighbor" sign.  Made my day.  I wished I'd bought an extra just to have one to give her for her front yard.  Maybe she'll figure it out.

On Friday I went to my friend Carrye's 80th birthday party.  I saw lots of people from the art quilt group that I haven't seen in ages.  And I realized that I miss them.

And here's the thing:  turns out that Carrye's party-giving friend lives in the same little group of condo's where my church friend lives.  What are the chances?  It's a big city.

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