Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pool with a Slide

All spring I watched as the Oakley pool and playground near my church were renovated.  I just knew that the grands would love that curvy enclosed slide.

We started out and a thunderstorm came up before we were a mile from home.  That gave us time for lunch and some playground time before the pool reopened, and when it did there were few kids there.  It turned out that the kids had to pass a swim test to use the slide and diving board area.  Nora declared that she had passed the test at the Y several years ago but Aaron had never taken a test and got to practicing.  Nora helped him out with his strokes and he was able, by sheer determination, to swim the long length of the pool.

Turned out that the test was just to swim the short area of the deep part, touch the wall, and come back.  Easy.  Aaron had the cutest little grin when he saw that he was going to make it.  They had a great time on that slide and the diving board too.  We will most likely be back soon.

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