Monday, July 25, 2016

Newport Aquarium

The grands and I enjoyed being at Newport Aquarium today.  The Monday crowd was light and you'd never know that it was such a hot day.

I don't remember the kids ever taking much notice of the portholes just off the penguin exhibit but they had a good time there today.  The line for the sorta new shark bridge was very short and Nora took a nice video. They liked the little otters that have taken the place of the birds, which were never a hit.

This year no one wanted to play in the big play house in the Frog Bog any more so there was no taking off and putting on shoes.  I'm nostalgic about that.  The aquarium is just a couple of miles from my house, and we've been there many, many times.  

We had lunch at The Gruff and talked about the fact that most people who go to the aquarium don't know about it.  Aaron said that even if they did know, they would just think it was a little restaurant under a bridge.  Actually, it kind of is, but the kids love the pizza, fries, and soup.

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