Monday, July 11, 2016


Friday was a zoo day, the first this summer.  Earlier in the afternoon there was wind and a thunderstorm and we took off as soon as that was over.  For us, a trip to the zoo is about a 25-minute drive, and a zoo pass makes it possible to not feel like we have to make it a full day.

The only cars in the parking lots were in the covered spots near the entrance and there were plenty of spaces there.  To me, that's the best time to go, when bad weather has chased the crowd away.  There were just a few people scattered about inside.

Nora had never, ever been inside the goat section of the children's zoo before.  To her, goats have been highly suspect ever since, when she was a toddler, one tried to nibble on her mother's shorts.  She would wait outside the pen while Aaron brushed and petted.  This visit was her own good time, and she went inside and brushed.

Almost as much anticipated as the zoo trip was the visit to their mom's office at the end of the day.  They have been asking to go all summer.  The three-minute trip between zoo and office makes it a good combo trip.

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