Friday, July 1, 2016

At Last

At last I have a new phone and can share pictures again.  It just doesn't feel like I'm writing a blog post if there isn't a picture at the top.

The grands have had an artistic week, with paints and play dough.  They have spent numerous happy hours creating.  Of course I love this.

June has flown by and July is on the calendar.  All of a sudden there have been lots of sewing jobs and I'm trying to catch up.  Which reminds me that I meant to stop at the sewing store to get new bulbs for my machine.  With the excitement of the new phone, I totally forgot.  I'll live - it's not like I have only one machine.  It's just that I like certain machines for certain things.

The flower beds are getting planted.  The other night when I was walking a neighbor on the street behind asked if I was the person who planted pumpkins.  He said I did a good job with my gardening.  That is definitely a stretch, but it was nice to hear.  

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