Monday, September 21, 2015

Snippets from Hendersonville

Steph, Bridget, Helen, and I went to Hendersonville, North Carolina, to visit Winnie, Sarah, and Walt.  Here are today's snippets. 

Since this has been a camping weekend in other years, I made this campfire cake above inspired by a picture in Country Living.  If you try it, use hard candies (like the magazine suggests) instead of gummy ones for the flames.  These were the right colors but soon wilted.

There might have been some deck partying with lovely candles and lights.

I went with Sarah to Asheville one morning when she watered some plants for a friend.  I checked out the HGTV Urban Oasis house in West Asheville.  I hope I win it.  Oh, and Sarah and I had breakfast at Biscuit Head.  Their butters and jams are wonderfully yummy.

Before coming home on Sunday we stopped at Discount Shoes in Asheville.  There are SO many pairs of shoes there, but only Winnie's dad found a pair.

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Anonymous said...

Aww I miss you guys. I think Winnie's dad likes his shoes!
- Sarah