Tuesday, September 15, 2015

On the Design Wall

From my design wall.  I have this dream that during Thanksgiving week I can give some folks their holiday-themed Christmas gifts.  It's a nice dream.

My go-to machine is in for service and I'm sewing with the machine I usually use for embroidery.  It's a wonderful sewing machine, it's usually just set up for embroidery so I use the other machine.  I have heard that if you have a sewing-embroidery combination, it's important to use it for sewing as well as embroidery.  I don't know whether that is true.

There is a new Viking machine coming out soon.  It's embroidery computer screen is much like a tablet, you can pinch and expand with your fingers to make designs larger or smaller.  Pretty darn nice.  And, you can synch the machine with your iPhone to keep track of how long until the next thread change.  Of course, there are other new goodies too, but those are the ones that strikes my fancy today.  I don't think they've yet incorporated my wish, which is for a digital clock in the corner, like on a Windows screen.  Sometimes I just want to sew until the last possible minute.  

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