Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Number Ten

Thanks to Connie H. for the flannel and pattern from Villa Rose Designs to make this tenth NICU baby quilt for the year.  I adapted the pattern - it shows more piecing on the left side.  I needed a smaller quilt.  There is another block of light patterned fabric at the top but it was hanging over the couch.  

And, a pieced back.  I wasn't sure how my usual tight quilting would look with the flannel, but there is more texture than with smooth cotton.  I did prewash the flannel to get some of the shrinkage out.  I thought about washing it after quilting to see how much difference that would make, but I know they will wash it again at the hospital so I didn't.

I used Best Press on the flannel before I cut it out to give it a little stability for cutting nicely.  I love that stuff.

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