Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dream Come True

Friday night it started to thunder, lightning, rain, and hail just as we were heading for the Reds ballpark.  We stayed in the parking garage for awhile, there was some throwing with a tennis ball, and eventually the game was postponed until Saturday night.

Saturday night was a great night for a ball game, then around the third inning there was a repeat of the night before without the hail.  We spent some time in the councourse and the kids practiced their throwing in the bathroom, which was deserted since most folks had either not come or had opted to not wait during the long rain delay.

The people who were left moved down to the field seats under the awning when the game resumed despite a few sprinkles.  The kids made a couple of trips to bat in the fan zone, where Nora impressed the boys with her home run.  

And then, the dream come true, we moved down to the front row, behind first base.  The last innings were memory-making for those sporty kids, and their parents and Gran B too.  On the way out, Aaron stopped and studied the dugout, just took it all in, probably thinking about what it must be like to be part of all that.

The bottom picture is in front of the stadium on the way out.

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