Thursday, September 10, 2015

Games With Balls

It was so hot on Sunday, which is why Aaron's cheeks are bright pink.  Still, we wandered around Kings Island (so did Nora, but she was with someone else and we didn't see her), rode a few rides, decided to not ride a few other rides, ate some Aunt Annie's pretzel sticks, sat by the fountains and drank some Sprite.  

What Aaron really wanted was to clock his pitching, but no one seemed to know where that booth was this year or if it even was there this year.  Probably not  So, he pitched baseballs at cats, played a basketball game, and threw a wiffle ball into the right cup.  It was a good day.

I told him that next time he goes, there will be a sign saying "Aaron can't play any games, he is too good."  He thought that was pretty funny. 

Yesterday was his birthday.  I got him a dodge ball as a pre-party gift, the party is Saturday.  When I left, he and Nora and a friend were using it as a giant baseball for bunting practice.  In the house.  Any game with a ball makes them happy.

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