Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Break Day One

It's an overcast day on this first day of the kids' Spring Break.  We went to see the movie Home, which was cute, but no one was too interested in going to the Aquarium or having lunch.  The kids just wanted to get home to play outside.

It's also Opening Day and cars were lined up to go into the parking garage.  People were walking across the bridge and even folks, like us, who weren't going to the game were wearing their Reds shirts.

The game is at 4:10 and it looks as if the rain will hold off.  I will be doing a lot more evening sewing now with baseball games to listen to.  That combination is one of my favorite things.  

Tonight is the last NCAA basketball tournament game, too.  My team isn't in the final game, after Saturday, but I do have a preference, of course, so it will be fun to watch.   

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