Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday Shopping

The idea was - Nora and I would go out shopping during the second game of Aaron's double header.  It is a cold day and it poured the rain (don't you just love that Eastern Kentucky expression?) so Aaron went to a birthday party instead while Nora and I shopped.

That girl isn't easy to buy clothes for but she loves shoes and socks.  We found these running shoes and a package of socks at TJ Maxx and she was very pleased.  Then it was on to the mall and Claire's.  She got two pairs of rainbow-themed earrings and a card of mustache earrings in several colors.  Pretzels nuggets and a smoothie.

JoAnn's is across from the mall, and I told her it was shining like a beacon.  We got a few yards of quilter's cotton on sale.  I would have liked more white and also a pale gray, but there were only a few yards of white and no pale gray.  Maybe tomorrow in Hyde Park.

The Hyde Park store is recently renovated and has a cash register at the cutting table.  One stop.  I like it.

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