Thursday, April 23, 2015

Baby Girl

The train is on a burp cloth, from Anita Goodesign Baby Train.  Under it is a piece of a patchwork washcloth, a twelve-patch of 3" squares backed with a large washcloth.  In this case a white washcloth with "wash" embroidered on the back - it came that way, in its eight-pack.  I have enough washcloths for lots of babies.

My front yard garden is out of control with weeds.  It's either been raining or I've been working or, like today, it's cold.  The clematis are looking really nice, and the iris and day lilies are looking good.  Even the old peonies are looking good.  In the fall I cut them way back, thinking they might not even come back, but come back they have.  My favorites, the ornamental grasses, are looking good.  And those weeds are spectacular.

I've decided that I want to just go ahead and free motion my baby quilts.  It's the only way I'm ever going to get really good, to just do it.  How many practice pieces do I need?  And if I'm going to get that sit-down quilter, which I will, I want to be able to just take off with it.

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