Saturday, February 21, 2015

Modern Quilt

Sometimes I just have to clear off my sewing area and finish what's there.  Like this baby quilt, started probably two years ago and which has lived with its pieces in sandwich bags ever since.  It was from an Elizabeth Hartman Craftsy class.  Don't think my sewing space is now clear, there is also an orange version, although it isn't all cut out yet.  And a few other things.

And the thing is, it wasn't hard to do and was a lot of fun.  I guess it just wasn't time before now.

The above picture is from a week ago in Asheville.  It looks nothing like that here, and probably looks nothing like that there either today.  I looked outside around 4:00 a.m. and there wasn't any snow yet and I looked out around 8:00 and it still wasn't snowing.  And then I opened the front door.  It must have snowed really hard for a few hours.  Four or five inches.

It was heavy stuff since the temperature is warming.  I cleared off my porch and steps and walk but was glad when my neighbor said he'd do the rest with his snow blower.  I have really REALLY nice neighbors.

It's supposed to start snowing/raining in a couple of hours.  Then there may really be a mess.


Joanne S said...

Very modern quilting. I like it better than most of the modern stuff.

do the parents get to take the quilts home? Or do they get washed and reused like they did at the hospital we donated baby quilts to.

Anonymous said...

Oh those daffodils! I was thinking of some other bulbs I saw coming up in the front yard :)
PS I love the baby quilt!