Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blogging Slacker

Here I am, the blogging slacker for the past week or so.

It's not because I've been snowed in, because I haven't been.  In my part of the world, it snowed once, early in November, and everyone predicted a horrible winter with lots of snow.  That could still happen, but it hasn't happened yet.

It's not because I haven't been working on projects, because I have been.  It's just that I haven't finished any, except for some alterations for customers.  And I don't take pictures of those.

It's not because I haven't been cooking nice things, because I have been.  At least I've tried.  I made some shrimp tacos on Friday that looked lovely in the picture but which were, in fact, terrible.

And it's not because I haven't been going anywhere, because I have been.  Most noteably, a new antique store very close to my house that is clean and lovely and well-priced.  There is a rocker there that I may go back for.

It's just that I've been kind of writing lazy.

But, above, is a picture of Nora and her teacher.  Thursday night was grandparent night at the book fair at the kids' school.  I was glad it was in the evening because it is crazy when they have it before school.  Turns out that it's crazy in the evening too.  The lines were long, much to the kids' dismay.  I loved the idea, though, that all those grandparents were buying books for their grandkids.  How wonderful.

Nora really, really likes her fourth-grade teacher.  And that's wonderful too.

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