Monday, February 2, 2015

Aaron and Teacher

Another picture from the Book Fair:  Aaron and his teacher.  And his new Minecraft book.

The Minecraft book was the one both kids were hoping to find.  After that, the selections weren't quite as exciting.  The Lego Movie book.  A book about sea creatures.  And one about unusual happenings.  The Minecraft book was definitely the star.

Aaron especially could relate to a facebook post that someone's daughter's Kindle was stolen during a car break-in.  She lost a year's worth of Minecraft building.

Around Christmas, Aaron's Kindle stopped charging.  Amazon very nicely sent him a new one, since his was at the very end of the warranty.  His old one had to be returned.  All his books were in the cloud, but the huge Minecraft roller coaster he'd been working on couldn't be retrieved.  He was so sad, but his new Kindle was an upgraded one, so that helped ease the pain.  

I think he's over it by now, but he might tell you otherwise.

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