Thursday, January 22, 2015

Where Was I?

I went to the Selma matinee today and was the only one in the theatre.  Not so unusual at the early matinees, but I did expect at least a few other people.  It was a great movie, hard to watch but I know I'll watch it again later.  I think some folks were right - it would have been nice to see an Oscar nomination for David Oyelowo, as well as the director.

The Selma march was in my young adult lifetime but I don't remember it.  I was a sophomore in college and at that time there were no tv's in rooms and I rarely watched.  During the Kennedy assination and funeral we gathered in an upstairs lounge and watched as often as we could, but I don't remember watching Selma at all.  I rarely saw a newspaper.

It's discouraging to me now to think that I missed this part of history because I had my head down in books and class and work.  I don't remember that we discussed it in classes.  I know I was taking French and probably intro to journalism and a photography class.  Probably English of some sort.  

And the next year I was in off-campus housing and probably missed all current events.  I hope that today's college students are better informed.

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Anonymous said...

We still need to see Selma - and I am interested in this donut of which you speak.