Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hotel Picnic

On this January weekend, Steph and the kids and I went to Bluffton to visit relatives and to have some mid-winter hotel swimming for the kids.  The kids swam like they were starved for it, two long sessions.  After last night's session they put their tired bodies in pajamas and opted for some carry-in instead of going out.  There was an Applebee's right next to the hotel, how nice was that?

I loved just sitting in the warm pool area, watching them and looking at the snow outside the window.  Yep, it's a little farther north, and about half way there we started seeing snow on the ground. 

There had been gray skies further north, but the longer we drove toward home this afternoon, the more blue appeared.  And the more the temperature rose.  After some grocery and TJ Maxx shopping in Cincinnati, it was sunset when I was driving home.  When I pulled off at my exit, the sky was gorgeous.  

It was a great visit, and so lovely to have a January break.  

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