Saturday, January 3, 2015

In My House

I love to see people's homes, see the pretty treasures and bright things that make their homes shine.  So, I thought that this month I'd show you a few of those things in my own home.  Things that make me happy, things that help make my days brighter.

I'll start with this little bird tree in my office, because one of these days I'll be packing it away for another year.  Not yet, though.  

My mother loved little antique birds with feather tails, and while my birds aren't antiques, I enjoy the feathered tails and the clips for fastening them on the branches.

This is my first year for this little white tree, purchased, I'm sure, at a 75% off sale a year or so ago.  Around the base is a piece of turquoise fabric with medium-sized white dots.  And what makes it all the better is that it faces a side window and I know that my urban neighbor is enjoying the lights from his kitchen window.

1 comment:

Joanne S said...

I keep my tree up longer than anyone I know. It makes me happy.

Birds are very popular right now. We had many customers buying all the bird ornaments we had at work. None as nice as yours, though.