Thursday, January 15, 2015

Purple Bag

This make-up bag has the seams and the triangular shaping at the bottom sewn with the lining facing out.  I really like the way that adds extra color.  The idea is from the 2014 Quilting Arts Holiday.

I am reading the book Achieve Anything in Just One Year.  There is a page of reading and an exercise for every day.  I'm a sucker for self help books and goals, so I look forward to the day's reading.  Today's exercise is to try something new.  This one requires some thinking.  Just what is it that I want to try?  Screen printing?  A real yoga class?  Obviously I won't get it done today because the day is almost through.

Oops, I did do a real yoga class once, in grad school.  The instructor really liked yoga and we got extra credit for going.  So, that one won't work.  I do want to take a yoga class, though.  There is a studio here in town that looks worth trying.  They have a gentle yoga class, that sounds about right.  One thing I've learned from my yoga DVD's:  there is a BIG difference in what different people consider beginner yoga.

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