Monday, March 24, 2014

Wildcats and Reds

I've been quiet for the past week, working steadily on a commission that will be a gift.  The chances of the recipient seeing it here are really slim to none, but still, professionalism tells me to not post pictures or even discuss this project until it's been given.  So, I'll content myself with just saying that I'm worrying a little about quilting it because it's bigger than I usually work.

But, in the meantime, there's basketball.  Having lived in Kentucky or on the border for 25 years, I'm a Big Blue fan.  And now, all week, I can think about the game yesterday and the game to come on Friday. 

My grandguy is a huge Star Wars fan, and one of his favorite words is "epic."  Which battle was the most epic?  I like that word, and it certainly fits yesterday's UK/Witchita State game.  Two teams battling well, both shooting over 50%.  And it will fit Friday's game, because any time these two play there's an in-state rivalry.  And, because Rick Pitino has coached both teams.

And then there's Monday to think about.  Opening Day in Cincinnati.  Cincinnati is the only team that always opens their season at home, a gesture of respect to the oldest team.  My quilting schedule will change a little, with more quilting at night, with the games in the background.  Yay! for spring!

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