Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Feeling . . . Relieved

In the past couple of days I've made the quilt sandwich for this quilt and have stitched in the ditch around the blocks.  This is the back - no pleats or puckers and I'm so relieved.  Putting together the sandwich is the part of making a quilt that I have the least confidence about, and this is larger than my usual quilt.  I've watched my friend Louise very elegantly pin together her quilt sandwiches, but I need pins AND 505 basting spray to feel really good about things.

Now I can relax with my favorite part, free motion, without being too concerned about shifting.  And the quilt won't need to move all that much during the free motion, the largest block is 12" x 16".  I just usually don't work quite this large, folks, and it's only 66" x 74".

One of the local quilt shops offers lessons on their long arm, after which you can rent time on their machine.  Of course what I'd really like is my own smaller version, but this is a good alternative in the meantime.  And, they will help you when you're working with their machine.  One of these days I want to go for the lesson, but I want to have a big quilt almost ready so there isn't too much forgetting time between lesson and quilting.  This quilt really isn't appropriate for the long arm.    

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