Sunday, March 9, 2014

Springing Forward

Yesterday was Faith Day at the Newport Aquarium, with discounted tickets for church groups.  Sorry, Michelle, I was so busy talking that I walked right by the photo booth without checking to see if you were there.  The white alligators were gone, to be replaced soon by a turtle display.
I'm doing a lot of fabric shopping these days, but it's for specific projects, not abstractly increasing my stash.  So far this year, I've used 7 1/2 more yards than I've purchased.  I find that I'm really enjoying getting the fabrics for these work projects since I'm limiting my usual fabric shopping.  I'm thinking long and hard about how much I really LOVE a tempting fabric, knowing that my goal is to have less fabric at the end of the year than when I started.
Except for the one in my car, my clocks are changed.  I really love the lighter evenings and am hopeful that will be enough to get me past that "not quite knowing what to do with myself" feeling at the end of the day.  It seems that once 7:00 p.m. comes, I pretty much crash, but I don't have many low energy projects.  Of course, March 30 is Opening Day, and I know I'll be in the studio then, listening to the games and doing a little something.
I so clearly remember my in-laws listening to the Reds during the summer.  They had a screened-in back porch and would sit there in the dusk/dark listening.  They lived in Sarasota during the winter and became Reds fans (vs Tiger fans) because the Reds spring training was in Sarasota.    

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