Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone!  I wish you joy, pure and simple joy.

This was the scene at Graeter's on the day before Christmas.  It was in the afternoon before I picked up my order, number 28.  Most of the orders had been picked up.  The bag in front of the tree is order number 73, and that's just from my little neighborhood Graeter's.  All the baking is done in a central location.  I love to picture the Graeter's trucks speeding to the 50 stores.

For those folks who hadn't placed an order, there were other pies and cakes to choose from.  I almost got a pie, but remembered that my local family isn't crazy about pie.  This goes against my dad's family's tastes, they loved their pie.  I have a Hoosier cabinet that belonged to my fraternal grandmother and the story goes that she would bake five pies every Saturday and put them on the cabinet to cool.  Every holiday gathering would feature pies.

I enjoy making pie, although I rarely do.  There is just something artistic about it.  

But, back to Graeter's, I ordered a cherry alligator, which is basically a large danish oval with cherries and pecans.  Maybe a little icing.  No one in my family really is crazy about it except me, but I enjoy getting one for Christmas breakfast.

Most people think of ice cream from Graeter's, and they do have holiday flavors.  I vote for peppermint.

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Joanne S said...

A Kringle got sent to my place of employment addressed to our boss. He doesn't eat anything from anywhere. So the carton containing the Kringle got put into the employee fridge in the break room. And never got touched. Had the bosses name on it. Another co-worker and I love Kringle. So we opened the box and would have a wedge--just the two of us. Raspberry filling. Similar to your cherry alligator.

I'm wondering if there is any left? It was so good.