Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fabric Boxes

Thanks to my friend Angela for reminding me about making fabric boxes and to Seaside Stitches for her tutorial.  You can find it here.

To make the size boxes that are perfect for a Bath and Body Works candle, I used twelve-inch squares.  Perfect size for little scissors and a few spools of thread or some chocolate truffles.  I top stitched around the top of the boxes to make the flaps lay flat, but sewing on buttons is a nice touch too.  Or, you can leave them softly standing up.

Rain today, which feels nice, emotionally.  I am going to lunch with a church friend and we are having pancakes, at least I am.  Perfectly comforting.

I've checked the menu and have decided on the wheat germ pancakes.  The jar of wheat germ is a childhood memory.  My mother always wanted us to eat healthy things but I, at least, was a brat and didn't want anything to do with such things.  I can't remember about my siblings.

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Joanne S said...

I followed the link to the French seams. Nice. She also made a taller box with a four inch triangle cut but doesn't say how big the original square was. any thoughts? I have some Christmas fabric that might be fun to make into gift boxes.

It snowed yesterday and the 1 to 2 inches is staying put on the lawn. My crock pot split pea soup turned out great--I like putting it all in the pot and then walking off to work. Now I have to find another recipe for the all day crock pot.

My mother never made anything healthy and hardly anything that wasn't poorly executed. The only "from my childhood" recipe of my mom's that I cooked regularly were stuffed cabbage and chili. Her soups were disgusting. Occasionally the breaded pork chops were good. Dessert was the only part of FOOD that interested her.