Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Back Down Greenup Street

The grands are off school for Christmas break, and we had an afternoon together yesterday.  I planned to take us to lunch somewhere near the Aquarium, which was our main stop, but a voice from the back seat said, "We hoped we were going to The Gruff."  Oh my gosh, how I had forgotten about that?  Probably their favorite restaurant ever.

Even pouring the water is a treat for these traditionalists.  I ask the waiter to please let them do the pouring.

We always put in an order of fries right away,  They have changed from waffle fries to the usual fries, but that was ok since they still have homemade catsup.

(By the way, look at how long Nora's hair is.)

Nora's soup was white chicken chili.  It comes with little hard toast rounds, and Aaron eats those, dipped in the soup.  There was discussion of course about the one time that the soup was seafood chowder and Nora didn't enjoy that.  And about all the other times that the soup was wonderful.

Then there was a cheese pizza and a glorious salad for me called Grass Is Greener.  Wonderful way to start our day.

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