Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Outings

Last night we had quite a summer storm, with wind and rain.  I had planned to plant a few things before the rain started but was glad that I didn't.  The pounding rain went on and on.  Even the hardy ornamental grasses are bent over this morning.

Yesterday was a kid day, at Gameworks and Dewey's pizza.  And Barnes and Noble.  They are still not so old that they don't enjoy sitting in the kid reading area and trying out some books.

There was a YMCA day camp at Gameworks with lots of kids.  I was proud of Nora.  When I told them that I was sorry I'd brought them on such a crowded day, she said, "We can work with this."  Very sweet.  Their favorite things were the basketball and football throwing games, which they shared because it was hard to get a turn.  Even when all the kids in the yellow shirts lined up to get on the bus and the place cleared out, they continued to play together.

It always surprises me how kids are such traditionalists.  They like to go back to places they sat at before and eat the menu items they enjoyed before.

I am lucky, so lucky, to be able to go on these kid outings.

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Joanne S said...

I couldn't get my photo screen to rotate and everyone had a suggestion on how to 'fix" it
and none of them worked--last resort the ATT store. Turns out--while being schooled
on camera photo taking--K pressed the "do not rotate" button.

I'm wondering if you accidentally pressed a button you don't usually use and therefor
wouldn't think was now "on" or now "off". Just a thought.