Sunday, June 5, 2016

Back Porch

I have a picture of a young deer to show you, but for some reason my camera to email function isn't working.

Last evening, the grands and I were sitting on the back porch, they were playing "restaurant" with play dough.  The deer came strolling through the back yards and stopped to admire the kids.  No fear what so ever.  It had velvet-y little antlers.

We sat there, admired the rainbow, talked about the Reds' rain delay.  The score was tied 3 - 3 in the bottom of the 8th, two on base.  We talked about how amazing it would be if the next batter up hit a home run after the delay.  Almost as soon as the "play" time came, we heard the fireworks for a home run.  The grands' eyes got huge, and they crowded around my phone so we could check the updated score.  Sure enough, 6 - 3.

After a bit, we heard the game-winning fireworks.  The grands stated that they really like my house, meaning the location.

You have to realize that the Reds have had a sad rebuilding year.  It hasn't been easy to be a Reds fan, you just have to look for the stories of personal achievement and be happy with that.  Prior to this week, they had won only 15 games all year.  Now, four wins in a row feels like they've won the World Series.


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