Saturday, June 18, 2016

Back Porch Sitting

Spending some time back porch sitting tonight.  Watching the little fairy lights on the porch and on the back fence.  I have interstate noise, but I still love it.

This week I planted a couple of plants in the back yard circular bed where a tree was removed.  Last summer I tried a few plants on the other side, other tree removal site, and they have done well.  There is a plan in place for a lovely back yard.

The front yard is looking lovely.  Lots of plants so I don't have to mow on the slope.  It's beginning to evolve, spring blooming plants to summer blooming plants.  That was my dream.

There are times when I wish that I could do all the landscaping at one time, but this is better.  It suits me.  It's kind of like a scrappy, improvisational quilt.

And for tonight, West Sixth Belgian Style Blonde.  I love West Sixth.

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