Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer Day

I feel itch-y with not being able to share pictures.  The camera function on my phone works fine, it's the sending that isn't working.  And I really want to show you the completed worship banner.  Surely soon.  I've been trying this and that without success.

I've been wishing for an engrossing project, and that certainly happened with the banner.  Now, at the end of the week, my house is in minor chaos, laundry piled up, dishes undone.  But, I got my wish.

Yesterday was a busy day.  To church to hang that banner, to Middletown for a visitation for my friend's son, to a couple of stores for items for a Mennonite Central Committee relief kit.  I hadn't planned to do a kit, but friends invited me to go in with them, splitting the items, and that sounded good.

Last night it was still so hot, and I was out of good books.  I had an unread library book, but I could tell from the first few pages that it wasn't a book that I wanted to spend time with.  I stopped at Dollar Tree to get some wide-toothed combs for the relief kit and found something I liked in their book section.  Their book section has lots of books that I don't want to read but there are a few gems there too.  So, for $1, I got my fix.

Then my neighbor texted and I spent some time sitting by her pool as the sun went down and the solar lights went on.  The heat of the day lessened.  Perfect. 

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