Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Break Afternoon

We started spring break afternoon with lunch at The Gruff.  There were quarters placed in the parking meter, a short walk down the street, and choosing one of the two tables available by the windows.  An order of waffle fries right away, because the kids were hungry and because that's what we always do. 

There was a Gruff fail this time, no fault of the restaurant.  Nora always orders the soup of the day and always likes it, even if she thinks she might not.  She thought long and hard about the seafood chowder, decided to try it, and just didn't like it.  Points to her for giving it a try.  I should have asked for a sample for her to try.  There was plenty of pizza, and both kids enjoyed the bread that came with the soup.

Our plans were to go to the zoo, but midway through lunch Nora said she'd really like to go to a movie.  Out came our phones, and we discovered that Zootopia was showing close by.  It was a chilly and windy afternoon so that was a good choice.  Thumbs up for Zootopia, too.

There was a quick trip up the hill for the hand-off at their mom's office, which they always love.  It was a good day.

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