Thursday, March 24, 2016

Reasons to be Happy

Reason one is dyeing Easter eggs.  This year Nora and Aaron were able to dye their eggs with very minimal supervision, which was ever so nice.

Reason two is dinner at Steph's with Blue Apron.  There is just something about that box with everything you need and no more.  We had salmon burgers.  Delicious.

Reason three is a new fitbit charge on the way.  After ten months, the band was peeling away from the display part and the other day one side just broke off.  I called customer service and a new fitbit is on its way, under the limited warranty.  No hassle, no need to send a picture, no sending the original back, no receipt required.  They even offered me my choice of colors.  I loved my fitbit and am looking forward to the new one.  Thanks for the great customer service!

1 comment:

Joanne S said...

I am so glad you posted regarding the Fitbit. As I am interested in it.
But no one I know has one so I can't ask questions. I want to know how many steps or miles
I walk in a day. It seems like I walk all day at work but I may be wrong.

So, what can it do. How do you use it. Obviously you love it.