Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Special Baby Quilt

I'm quilting a special baby quilt these days.  Once in a while I get to do one for friends or family, and I especially enjoy making those.

My new fitbit came in the mail yesterday and I am logging steps again.  Aaron reported that yesterday, between walking the dog and playing nine holes of golf, plus his usual little-boy running around, he had 30,000 steps yesterday.  A family record.  He slept in today, with spring break, and still had 10,000 steps by 5:00.  Then he was off to baseball practice.  Kids have more energy than anybody.

The grands and I went to Smale Park at the Cincinnati riverfront this afternoon.  It was a very popular place, since Cincinnati Public Schools must be on spring break too.  Not all the favorites were set up yet, as well as not all the swings that face the river, but we still had a good time.  Nora commented that she is happy that spring break seems to be going by slowly.  Her mom said that when she left work today, traffic was pouring out of the zoo.

I am so glad that the grands still like to spend time with me, going here and there.  Some of our used-to-be favorites have fallen off the list, of course, but there will be new favorites to come.

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