Saturday, March 26, 2016

Platinum 16

Yesterday I bought a Viking Platinum 16 sit down quilter, and I'm pretty excited.  For you non-Viking people, it's like the Handi-Quilter Sweet 16.  

For you non-quilting people, it's a sturdy machine mounted on a table with lots of room to lay out quilts. Straight stitch only, quilting foot only.  Able to do lots of stiches quickly.  Perfect for me, since my quilts are usually baby quilt sized or a little larger, although you could easily do large quilts too.  Before it comes to my house, I'll have time to re-arrange things to make room for this new addition.  And practice my free motion.

I did get the stitch regulator, which some of my quilting friends say I won't use.  It helps keep the stiches the same size and seems like a nice feature, especially since I will be stitching faster than I'm used to.

Stay tuned.

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